Introducing our Script
CipherBots is as simple as possible so you dont have to worry about anything.

List of Features:

Twitter Auto Giveaway Joiner
- Like
- Follow
- Retweet
- Tag friends
- Comment something random (from a list)
- Comment this
Twitter Auto Fetch Mention Success
Twitter Auto Fetch DM Success
Twitter Auto get Giveaways
- With detection for Modes
- With detection for other requirements
Discord Webhook integration
2Captcha integration
AFK Module
Login to accounts for manual usage
- (good to not get accs banned)
Easy Configurator in Tool
Guide for everything
- how to stay safe included

Twitter Acc Gen
Outlook Gen
- Steal and then randomize + use
-> Profile Picture
-> Bio
-> Banner
-> Location
- Auto send random Tweets
- Fast account editing
- Fast Token Fetching


10Eur/mo (just AMS)
Everything we got
We do our best to provide our services as satisfying as possible. If you got any custom wishes dont hesitate to suggest them!
Safe usage
Our Guide gives you all details (2years of research) how to stay safe when botting Giveaways.
Super Fast
Using our System you can run as many tasks as your PC holds, I personally can make 8k entries in 10minutes with my PC.
Easy Setup
Using our simple Installer you dont have to worry about anything, just spend a few minutes on reading our guide and you're good to go.
Fully Automated
Everything is automated here, we dont wanna waste your time with copy and pasting stupid stuff!

Ask us if needed

DM us on Twitter if you have any questions, we are happy to let you know what you're getting.

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